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1. A. handsomeB. candleC. distanceD. land2. A. meatB. readyC. heatD. seat3. A. bottomB. colourC. MondayD. ton4. A. billionB. labC. tableD. comb5. A. toothB. monthC. fatherD. method二、词汇与语法知识:共15小题;每题1.5分。共22.5分。从每小题的四个选择项中,选出最佳的一项。6. Johnson will phone his mother as soon as he _________ in Kunming.A. arrivedB. arrivesC. will arriveD. is arriving7. The young policeman asked _________ her name was.A. whenB. whoC. whyD. what8. This song is very _________ with young people.A. pleasantB. popularC. favouriteD. beautiful9. The family _________ at a small hotel for the night.A. put upB. went upC. got upD. jumped up10. “We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, _________ out of the window.A. to have lookedB. lookedC. lookingD. to look11.—Let’ s go to the concert tonight, Mary.—Sorry, I _________. I have to help my morn with the housework.A. needn’ tB. can’ tC. mustn’ tD. shouldn’ t12. I chose this coat in the end because _________ ones were all too expensive.A. the othersB. anotherC. othersD. the other13. We got to the cinema late _________ the heavy traffic.A. because ofB. instead ofC. according toD. except for14. David has decided _________ football at the end of this season.A. give upB. giving upC. to give upD. having given up15. Clearly, _________ object of the game is to improve _________ children’ s math skills.A.不填; theB. an; theC.不填;不填D. the;不填16. _________ arriving home she found her old friend already there.A. OnB. ForC. ByD. With17. He says he has the T-shirt, _________ I’ve never seen him wear it.A. afterB. sinceC. althoughD. if18. When Anna _________ the room, a group of young men were talking eagerly round the table.A. entersB. has enteredC. was enteringD. entered19.—Do you mind if I open the window?—_________.A. Yes, pleaseB. No, go aheadC. No, please don’tD. Yes, you’ d better do20. A museum _________ in the city centre next year.A. will be builtB. will buildC. was built D. built三、完形填空:共15小题;每题2分,共30分。

通读下面的漫笔,掌握其大意。然后,从每小题的四个选择项中选出可填入相应空缺处的最佳选项。Over the summer, my family took a trip to Iceland to see the natural beauty of it. Little did I 21 I would wake up one morning to have my eyes swelled up (肿胀) like balloons! I was frightened. So many questions were 22 through my head. Am I allergic (过敏的) to something? Was there some Icelandic disease that I 23 ? The only help I received was some allergy medicine 24 a clinic nearby. Nothing was working.When the trip was over, I went to see my doctor. She gave me eye drops, but clearly they weren’t worth the time or 25 and the swelling got worse and worse.I finally decided that it would be best for me to 26 being so sad and take it easy and havefun. It was summer after all. I had a fun night with my friends as if nothing was 27 . The next morning I woke up and went to 28 how swollen my eyes were, only to find myself 29 at my normal face. It was a miracle (奇迹). I 30 asking myself why I hadn’t done that earlier. Was being with my friends and having fun really the 31 to my problem?To this day I still do not know what I had, and 32 do any of the many doctors that I 33 during the summer. I would really like to go back to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, 34 I am very much frightened that I am just allergic to the country. I hope I never 35 having such terrible swelling in my eyes ever again.21. A. knowB. doubtC. insistD. fear22. A. cuttingB. goingC. pullingD. hurrying23. A. causedB. foughtC. caughtD. treated24. A. onB. fromC. withD. to25. A. painB. adventureC. weightD. money26. A. tryB. mindC. preferD. stop27. A. fairB. mistakenC. similarD. wrong28. A. checkB. explainC. describeD. mark29. A. aimingB. lookingC. wavingD. pointing30. A. missedB. keptC. regrettedD. excused31. A. wayB. relationC. answerD. devotion32. A. neitherB. noneC. eitherD. no33. A. hatedB. employedC. disappointedD. visited34. A. soB. orC. butD. for35. A. finishB. forgiveC. experienceD. consider四、阅读明白:共15小题;每题3分,共45分。阅读下列漫笔,然后凭据漫笔的内容从每小题的四个选择项中选出最佳的一项。

AWhen you go on your job interview (面试), be sure to dress well, be on time, do your research and NEVER ask any of the following questions:1. “How quickly could I be promoted (提升)?”An employer first of all wants an employee to be happy with the position they have. Ambition (理想) is good, but there is a time and place to discuss promotion, and it’ s not during an interview.2. “Will I be able to work from home?”This is basically telling your future boss—before you’ve even started—that you’re too lazy to come into the office.3. “How much vacation time does this position offer?”Although this could be asked, this is the type of information you should get AFIER you’ ve been offered a position and not before.4. “Will I have to work with a team?”Almost all jobs need some kind of teamwork, so any sign that you are not a good team player will leave you with unfavorable points in an employer’ s eyes.5. “Does this position come with a handsome pay?”The pay is usually discussed after a position has been offered. If an employer offers this subject, feel free to discuss it. Otherwise, try not to look like you are interested only in things for your own good. An employer will more readily hire someone interested in bettering themselves AND the company as a whole.36. An employer usually expects an employee to be _____________.A. hungry for promotionB. satisfied with the vacationC. pleased with the positionD. curious about the workplace37. Asking to work from home may make your future boss think that _____________.A. you want to stay away from your bossB. you work better at homeC. you’ re unwilling to meet othersD. you’ re too lazy to come into the office38. When can you offer the subject of pay?A. Before you ask about teamwork.B. After you get the job.C. At the end of your interview.D. At the beginning of your interview.39. What might be the best title of this text?A. Questions Not to Ask in a Job InterviewB. How to Dress for a Job InterviewC. Clever Answers to Interview QuestionsD. Proper Time for a Job InterviewBMaria Mitchell (1818—1889), the first woman astronomer (天文学家) in the United States, was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Her parents valued education and insisted on giving her the same quality of education that boys received.Her father, William Mitchell, was an astronomer and teacher himself. When he built his own school, Maria became a student and also a teaching assistant to him. At home, Maria’ s father taught her to watch the stars and other natural objects in space using his personal telescope (望远镜).Later she went to work at the library of the Nantucket Atheneum. Over the next twenty years, she further developed her interest in reading as many books as she could. She spent her nights watching the sky closely with her father.On October 1, 1847, Maria discovered a comet (彗星) by merely using a two-inch telescope. Some years before, King Frederick VI of Denmark had set up prizes to each discoverer of a “telescopic comet”. The prize was to be given to the “first discoverer” of each such comet because comets were often discovered by more than one person.There was once a question of who should be the winner. As the story goes, Francesco de Vico had discovered the same comet two days later, but had reported it to the European official organization first. However, after some discussion this was settled in Mitchell’s favor. She won the prize in 1848 and became a big name the world over. The comet was named “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”.40. What can be learnt about Maria’s parents according to the text?A. They came from low-income families.B. They gave Maria equal chance for education.C. They were both astronomers.D. They were both teachers.41. Who played the most important role in Maria’ s great achievement?A. King Frederick VI.B. Francesco de Vico.C. Her father.D. Her mother.42. What problem did Maria meet with in winning the prize?A. She named the comet on her own. B. She did not use the required telescope.C. She did not report her discovery in time. D. She discovered the comet with her father.43. When did Francesco de Vico discover the comet?A. In 1818.B. In 1889.C. In 1848.D. In 1847.CMany schools have their art programs removed in an effort to improve test scores and save money. However, some researchers believe that this is not correct. Students can master some basic skills in art class that they cannot find in a normal classroom.Allow me to share why you have to take art class.First and most important ,it stimulates creativity (引发缔造力). Art schools encourage you to think outside the box and be creative enough to create something artistic. It can be used not only in art but in life, too.Besides, it helps you make the right choice. In art class, you are usually free to do what you want. In every art class, you are required to make decisions that can determine what your painting will turn out to be.In addition, students can learn the art of critical (批判性的) thinking as a skill of observation (视察). For example, art students find ways to imagine. That is a skill they need to become better readers and problem settlers.What is more, it is noted that the company’s bosses are actively looking for employees who can think creatively. Creative thinking is one of the most important skills that students can learn in art courses.Finally, students who are trained in art class have interesting mental habits. They learn how to work on a task for a long time and how to continue to work even if they are discouraged. They are better for creating a link between the classroom and the outside world. In addition, children who do art work are able to look back on their work and make judgments about themselves.44. Why are art programs removed from many schools?A. To make students have their own hobbies.B. To improve students’ test scores and save money.C. To help students master some job skills.D. To give students more free time.45. What is the most important quality students develop in art class?A. Determination.B. Carefulness.C. Creativity.D. Honesty.46. What can we learn from the text?A. Art students are easily employed.B. Art programs may bring a lot of money.C. Art class can help students in many ways.D. Art teachers should pay more attention to tests.DYou know what a hotel is, of course. And perhaps, you also know what a condo is—a residential (居住的) building divided into separate units that are owned by different people. What you may not know is that in some U. S. cities, the two have come together into something called a “condo hotel”.Some condo hotels can now be found in beach and mountain towns and a few small cities. However, none is more famous than the great 105-year-old Plaza Hotel in New York, on Fifth Avenue across from Central Park. The Plaza closed for repair in 2005. When it reopened two years later, more than half of it had been changed into one of these modern condo hotels.Here’ s how it works: You buy what equals to an apartment (公寓). If it’s at The Plaza, it will cost you between $1.5 million and $9 million. So you own a part of the building. But there’s some inconvinience. You may stay there no more than 120 days a year. The rest of the time, the hotel’s workers can book guests into your place, just as they would in the regular hotel’s rooms. So if you’re lucky and rich, you can now live in really special quarters up to almost one third of the year, while others pay off your mortgage (房贷) the rest of the year.So far, a great many of the nation’s condo hotel units have been purchased not by rich people but by richer companies, including foreign ones. They want a nice place for their bosses to stay when they’re in town or working late at the office.47. A condo is a place where people ________.A. liveB. workC. eatD. study48. How long can you stay in your own condo hotel unit at most each year?A. 120 days.B. One month.C. Half a year.D. Three months.49. What does purchased in the last paragraph probably mean?A. Closed.B. Bought.C. Damaged.D. Repaired.50. What do we know about a condo hotel?A. It is designed by rich companies.B. It is built for foreign travellers.C. It is usually sold at a low price.D. It is owned by different people.五、补全对话:共5句;每句满分为3分,共15分。凭据中文提示,把对话中缺少的内容写在线上。这些句子必须切合英语表达习惯。

打句号的地方,用陈述句;打问号的地方,用疑问句。提示:Lucy要去艺术展览中心,向一位男士问路,该男士告诉她如何前往。(L = Lucy; S =Sir)L: Excuse me, sir. 51 the Art Exhibition Centre?S: Yes, but it is quite far. It’s about an hour’s walk. You can take a bus there.L: 52 ?S: You can take Bus No. 15.L: 53 ?S: About 20 minutes. And you can also take a taxi.L: Taxi? That’ s a good idea. Thank you very much.S: 54 .L: Goodbye.S: 55 .六、书面表达:满分30分。假设你是李华,在你校事情的Smith博士即将回国,你们班同学计划为他举行欢送会。

请写信邀请他到场并告诉他详细摆设:到场人员全班同学和英语老师时间10月27日,星期五,晚上19:00-21:00所在8号楼1002室内容学生演出歌舞Smith博士讲话注意:1.词数应为100左右2.生词:欢送会farewell partyDear Dr. Smith,_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Looking forward to your early reply.Yours,Li Hua英语试题谜底及评分参考一、语音知识1. A 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. C二、词汇与语法知识6. B 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. C 11. B 12. D 13. A 14. C 15. D 16. A 17. C 18. D 19. B 20. A三、完形填空21. A 22. B 23. C 24. B 25. D 26. D 27. D 28. A 29. B 30. B 31. C 32. A 33. D 34. C 35. C四、阅读明白36. C 37. D 38. B 39. A 40. B 41. C 42. C 43. D 44. B 45. C 46. C 47. A 48. A 49. B 50. D五、补全对话51. Could you tell me the way to52. Which bus should I take53. How long will it take54. You’ re welcome55. Bye六、书面表达One possible version:Dear Dr. Smith,How are you doing recently?As you are going to leave China, we intend to hold a farewell party for you on Friday, October 27th at Room 1002, Building 8. I’m writing to invite you to join the party. It will begin at 7:00 P. m. and last two hours. On that evening, all the English teachers and the students in your class will be present. We have prepared various interesting programs for you, including songs and dances. And we’re very excited to hear your speech then. Hope you can join us and have some fun.Looking forward to your early reply.YoursLi Hua《语文》试卷例题一、语文知识与语言运用。(24分,每小题4分)1.下列词语中加点字的读音全都不相同的一组是( )A.乘载纳凉乘风破浪B.传媒传奇不见经传C.总括训诂沽名钓誉D.法度怀抱审时度势2.下列各组词语中没有错别字的一项是( )A.境遇辑录风雨飘遥B.无知迷惘处之泰然C.豁达墨契简明厄要D.料俏羁伴似无忌惮3.依次填入下列横线处的词语,恰当的一项是( )远方山边的牧民帐篷上,升起了__________青烟,一群群牛羊如星星般__________在翠绿的草原上。我想象中的长江源头“无人区”并没有泛起,反倒是__________田园牧歌的情形。

A.悠悠粉饰一览B.袅袅连缀一派C.悠悠连缀一览D.袅袅粉饰一派4.下列各句中加点成语的使用,不正确的一项是( )A.可可西里这个昔日疮痍满目的盗猎场,如今动植物繁盛,已成为高原物种基因库。B.克日,由于强降雨的作用,这个瀑布水量大涨,湍流直下,声势浩荡,气壮山河。C.中国经济的生长成就有目共睹,其智慧与履历颇值得其他生长中国家学习和借鉴。D.整个舞台空灵而富有诗意,充满时尚感,似行云流水,入迷入化,令人叹为观止。

5.下列各句中,有语病的一项是( )A.士者国之宝,人才尤其是高端人才,各地都争相延聘,出现出越来越高的流动。B.这一陈诉显示,高等职业教育就业率连续走高,结业生对经济生长的孝敬颇大。C.改善民生是个动态历程,随着社会保障水平的提高,老黎民的要求也越来越高。D.以智能化为焦点的又一次工业革命正席卷而来,改变着人类生活的方方面面。

6.依次填入下面横线处的语句,顺序最恰当的一项是( )山里的樱花________,远远望去,有娇羞地________,也有________,更多的则是________,独自盛开,和周围的青山、树木、杂草,以及那些不知名的小花________。①掩映在树林里的②大片大片怒放的③开得格外辉煌光耀④三三两两地散落着⑤相映成趣A.①③②⑤④B.②①③⑤④C.③①②④⑤D.③②④①⑤二、阅读下面文字。完成7~10题。(16分,每小题4分)近些年,关于缅甸琥珀的研究不停取得重要希望,如在琥珀中发现了样子离奇的陷阱蚂蚁,全新的昆虫类群——奇翅目,以及反鸟类的翅膀等。









也就是说,我们未来有可能对其残存的卵白质举行分析。(据《大自然》2017年第3期 冉浩 撰文)7.对第一段内容的明白或分析,正确的一项是( )A.“琥珀的研究”,是指研究琥珀中的生物样本,如蚂蚁等。B.“很是迷你”,讲明了尾巴主人的性格是很是温顺可爱的。

C.研究人员不“破开琥珀”,是因为怕负担损毁样本的风险。D.“无损扫描”,样本的外部结构和内部身分都市显现出来。8.对第二段内容的明白或分析,正确的一项是( )A.尾椎骨的是非,决议了尾巴主人是一种古鸟还是一种非鸟恐龙。B.影视作品中大多数恐龙“笼罩着粗拙皮肤的形象”是不正确的。

C.“如今生动的恐龙组织”,形象地展现了恐龙羽毛的特殊功用。D.羽轴两侧是否对称,是带羽毛恐龙和现代鸟类的区别之一。9.对第三段中形貌的“羽毛演化历程”的明白,正确的一项是( )A.最初的羽毛是丛生的,之后发生分叉或小枝。


10.下列文中语句,最适合做本文标题的一项是( )A.一小截恐龙尾巴B.琥珀里的恐龙尾巴C.带羽毛的恐龙D.羽毛的古老性三、(25分)阅读下面的现代文,完成11~14题。村里没有人喊他们吹鼓佬。我就自作主张把他们称为吹鼓手。吹鼓手也是手艺人,位于九佬十八匠的九佬之末,这是书面上的事,村人并不太剖析,他们在乎的是在生活眼前卖不认真。























不少于600字。题目:2017年成人高等学校高起点招生全国统一考试语文试题谜底及评分参考一、(24分,每小题4分)1.C 2.B 3.D 4.B 5.A 6.C二、(16分,每小题4分)7.C 8.B 9. C 10. B三、(25分)11.(6分)“这是书面上的事”表达出村里人并不太在意吹鼓手是手艺人的身份。